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My Favorite Hobby

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My Favorite Hobby 中国作文网(www.T262.com)原创整理的 > 英语四级作文 My Favorite Hobby1.我有许多爱好,其中我最喜欢读书。2.我喜欢读书有三个原因。3.读书已经成为我生活的一部分。I have many hobbies, such as reading, skating, and watching TV. But reading is my favorite hobby.I like reading for three reasons. First of all, books introduce me to a new world, which is colourful and without time and space limit, Through reading, I can trace back. to ancient Egypt, the cradle of human civilization. It can bring myself to the United states, a glamorous land I have been longing to visit. Secondly, reading can better myself by showing me a new horizon. In the past years, most of my knowledge has been obtained from books. I have learned from many people by reading about their ideas on scithee, politics, life and society. Thirdly, reading bridge the gap between my dream and my goal. In ordcr to succeed in my career in the future, I must keep reading, thinking and practising. Reading has become part of my life. Every day, I spend some time reading books, newspapcrs and magazines. At night, I can hardly go to steep without a novel in my hand.我的爱好 我有许多爱好,譬如:读书、滑冰、看电视,读书是我最喜欢的。 我喜爱读书有三个原因:首先,书籍带我进入一个新世界,这个世界五颜六色没有时空限制。通过读书,我可以追溯到占代埃及——这个人类文明的摇篮。书能把我带到美国,那个我一直想去游览的充满魅力的地方。其次,读书能够在我面前展现新的空间,使我完美。在过去的几年中,我的大多数知识都是通过书本获得的。通过阅读,我向许多人学习了他们在科学、政治、生活和社会等方面的思想。再次,读书在我的梦想和目标之间架起厂一座桥梁。为了在将来的工作生涯中获得成功,我要坚持读书、思维和实践。 读书已经成为我生活的一部分。每天我花一些时间读书看报,读杂志。晚上,没有一书在手我是很难入睡的。 本文来源:https:///zuowen/49/41960.html
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