I am a glutton for punishment. Since joining the Sunday Salon a few weeks ago, I’ve run across quite a few different reading challenges. And I’ve joined a few: the 1% Well-Read Challenge, which encourages participants to read 10 books from the 1001 Books list in 10 months (The End of the Affair was the first of those), and now, the Book Awards Challenge. In this challenge, I will have 10 months to read 10 award-winning books.

The challenge doesn’t start until August, which means I’ve got time to sift through the various awards and decide which books I want to read. I’ll pick 10 in advance of beginning the challenge and post them here, but they will be subject to change.

I’m looking forward to the challenge. I suspect I have a few award winners here and didn’t realize that they were award winners (though some of them I am quite sure about). I’ll edit this post when I come up with a list of books.

ETA: I have selected my ten books for this challenge, and they can be found here.