Book Blowout

I am a glutton for punishment.

That being said, I have joined a new challenge, the July Book Blowout. But unlike many of the other challenges, this one just challenges you to read a certain amount of books in the month of July. I don’t have to read award winners, or books from the 1001 Books list.

I’ve been averaging 10 books a quarter, which means that at this rate, I will be ten books short of my initial 50 book goal for the year, and 24 short for the 888 challenge. In looking at my 888 challenge list, the categories that I seem to be struggling most with are the British classics category, with the historical fiction category also taking longer than expected. So I’m setting myself a goal of 10 books for the month of July, focusing on British classics and historical fiction. All books read for the challenge will be reviewed and tagged “July Book Blowout.”

Participating in book blogging has introduced me to more reading challenges than is technically considered healthy…