The Sunday Happy Sunday, fellow Saloners! For the first time in nearly a week, there’s more sunshine than smoke outside, which is a relief to my respiratory system. It’s still a teensy bit hazy, but nothing like it’s been. At some point, this will mean the return of the thing I hate most about Sacramento summers: unrelenting heat. But the haze of smoke we’ve been living under has given the world something of a surreal feeling, and so rather than reading any of the four(!) books I was already in the process of reading, I’ve been picking up already-read books to re-read. After watching the teaser trailer for the new Twilight movie, I was struck with the need to immediately re-read all three books. I’d planned to re-read them in July prior to the release of Breaking Dawn at the beginning of August, but it’s done now. It was nice to re-read them, that’s for sure. It reminded me why *I* liked the books. I know the fangirlies love Edward, and while I think he’s an interesting character, I’m not omg!Edward! obsessed. I like them because, vampires and werewolves aside, most of these kids are *normal* kids. Bella is unnaturally fearless, but in other ways, she acts like any other seventeen or eighteen year old girl would act. It’s one of the reasons I love Sarah Dessen’s books as well- I know people like these characters, and can relate to them.

In addition to re-reading the Twilight books, I’ve been inspired by thekoolaidmom to re-read the six Austen novels. And so I started reading Pride and Prejudice last night. And truly, I required very little in the way of encouragement to do so. It’s something I’ve been thinking about doing ever since I changed one of my categories for the 888 Challenge over to Austen Addiction. Northanger Abbey and Emma were my most recent Austen re-reads in 2006, and I’m pretty sure I only read Mansfield Park the one time. Most of my Austen Addiction books are based on Pride and Prejudice, but I’m due for a re-read of them all.

It doesn’t take me long, once I start reading Pride and Prejudice, to get completely sucked in. Elizabeth is engaging and funny, and I actually see a lot of myself and my relationship with my dad in Lizzy’s relationship with Mr. Bennet (though I hope my dad is a better dad than Mr. Bennet). It’s just really comforting to open the book and be among friends, which I think I am when I read Austen. And Austen will always have a special place for me, because it’s Pride and Prejudice that made me a lot more open to reading classic novels, and being a fan of Jane Austen has introduced me to some of the best people I know.

I’m planning to review the novels after I finish reading them (with the possible exception of NA, which I think I’ve already reviewed…), and I hope that I’ll be able to write a quality review of them.