The Sunday

Sunday already? Wow. Hope you’re all having a great Sunday and staying cool. It’s pretty warm here, but not warm enough to justify turning on the A/C, so I’m trying to stay cool with my ceiling fan. I think it’s feeling overworked, though, since it’s basically been on non-stop all summer. Poor thing.

It’s been a busy week for me, in terms of review-writing. I reviewed several books this week: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (slightly spoilery, so be warned if you’re trying to avoid spoilers); A Room with a View by E.M. Forster; The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler; Silk by Alessandro Baricco; and Secret Society Girl by Diana Peterfreund. On the whole, I enjoyed them all, though I liked some more than others. I’m planning to do a lot more catch-up reviews in the coming weeks. I’ve so enjoyed the reviews I’ve read on other blogs, I decided it was time to start taking the reviews I post here a lot more seriously.

I also bought a few more books this week: Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates; The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson (which has gotten a ton of great reviews from reviewers I really respect; I’m choosing to ignore the slam it received from EW); and The Vicomte de Bragelonne and Louise de la Valliere both by Alexandre Dumas (I also bought Silk, which I already read and reviewed). In light of the fact that my TBR currently stands 300+ books high, I am going to make every effort to avoid purchasing more books in the coming months. BookMooch and the library are one thing, but I need to make some very real progress on the books I already own, and I don’t need to add more to the madness.

I also signed up for Amazon associates this week. If I’m directing traffic their way, a little compensation is the least they can do.

And, I’ve made a bunch of changes to the look of this blog this week. My profile page looks amazing, and I’m trying to figure out what codes I need to put the banner at the top of my “about me” at the top of the main blog page and all pages that fall into that category. Anyone know anything about LJ’s S2 component style and how to personalize it like that? Or where I should go to ask that question? I don’t know enough about HTML to do more than the basics. And I changed the colors around on the home page; I think the blues suit me a little better than the pastels.

In terms of actual reading, I’ve done a bit of that this week as well. I read Silk in a little over two hours on Wednesday night, and thought it was beautiful. I really need to read more international fiction. I love British lit, and I’m coming to love American lit as well, but some of the international authors I’ve read this year are pretty amazing. On that note, I’m still reading The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and loving it. I’m about halfway through, and just taking my time enjoying it. I also started Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood this week. I began reading it nearly five years ago, and just never got into it (and no, it wasn’t my first Atwood). I let it sit on the shelf for years, and decided it was time to give it another go this year. And I think I can appreciate it much better at 24 than I was able to at 19. I’m getting a lot more out of it, even though I’m still at the beginning. I’m reading it for both the 1% Well Read Challenge and the Book Awards Challenge. And, it will be nice to finish a book that’s been on the TBR for five long years.

Have a great week everyone. Don’t forget to check back during the week for new reviews.