The Sunday Happy Sunday, fellow Saloners! It’s finally beginning to feel a tiny bit like fall, but not quite enough. Mostly I just mean that the days of 100+ degree weather are behind us. During the next few weeks, though, there will probably be some days that still slip into the 90s, but it won’t be quite as hot as it has been. For my part, I can’t wait for winter (winter in Sacramento is like fall or spring anywhere else- cool and rainy, only there’s zero chance of snow ever). I just really hate hot weather. I’m much more into sweater weather.

I started reading The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff this week. I know it’s been out for a few months, but I had other things I was reading, and so getting to it wasn’t really a priority, in spite of the fact that everyone seemed to really love it. Well, now I wish I’d started it much sooner. I’m only just beginning to dig into Ann Eliza’s story, but I have to admit, I was hooked by Jordan’s part of the story. I really hope the story continues to be as good as it started out.

As I mentioned before, I had such a good time hosting the B&N gift card giveaway, I wanted to host another one. So in honor of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, I am hosting my next giveaway. I will be giving away my copy of Sweet Love by Sarah Strohmeyer (my review can be found here). Details on this giveaway are here, and this contest will be open internationally.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday! Don’t forget to check out some new blogs this week in honor of BBAW!