Today is the first day of Book Blogger Appreciation Week. As a kickoff, we are celebrating the blogs we love, even if they weren’t nominated for a BBAW Award. Here are some of the blogs I love to read.

The True Confessions of a Book Lover Named M: M has been an online friend of mine since before either of us began our respective book blogs. However, once we started the book blogs (I think I may have copied her), it was only natural that I would read her book blog as well as her original blog. I’m honored to be considered her friend. She has great taste in books, and I’ve learned about books I would never have known about just by reading her blog. Books are what brought us together in the first place, and though she’s swamped with schoolwork most of the time, I always look forward to new posts from her.

The Book Lady’s Blog: Rebecca is a pretty recent arrival on the book blogging scene (as am I, really, in spite of the fact that this blog has been in existence for nearly four years now), and she’s quickly carved a place for herself here. Her Adventures in Bookselling stories helped to earn her a nomination for Most Humorous Blog at the BBAW awards this week. Her enthusiasm for books and her job (though I’m sure it has its moments- that’s true of any job) are clear, and she’s quickly become someone whose reviews I trust.

Devourer of Books: Jen is another reviewer who I am quickly learning to trust. Her reviews are always thoughtful and well-done, and she’s generous. She always seems to have one contest or another going. And honestly, I envy her ability to get through as many books as quickly as she does. My TBR would be nonexistent if I read at the speed she reads at. She was also nominated for BBAW awards, including the Best General Book Blog award.

There are other blogs I read and enjoy, but these are probably the three I check the most often. I’m not the best at remembering to comment, but I do stop by them several times a week.

So thanks to these bloggers (and all bloggers!) for your entertaining and insightful posts and reviews!

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