It’s day 3 of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and there have been some great giveaways so far. Awards have also started being handed out, so be sure to check those out! My answers to today’s questions about blogging are here:

What is one thing you wish you knew about blogging when you started or what advice would you give a newbie blogger?

I wish I’d known what a great community of book bloggers exists. I actually started this blog way back in 2005, but I used it so sporadically then. I didn’t begin using this blog actively until this year, when I discovered the Sunday Salon. Since joining TSS, I’ve been a much more active book blogger, and I’ve loved finding other blogs within the community. It’s a great way to find bloggers with similar tastes, as well as books you didn’t know you’d be into. And honestly, book bloggers are the nicest, most generous people. So my advice to newbie bloggers would be to find activities and participate!

What is your best blogging tip?

Share the comment love! I love getting comments, and though I don’t remember to give them as often as I should, I’m going to try harder to do so in the future! Also, it’s a good idea to let the blogger know who is leaving the comments. I love checking out blogs of the people who have left me comments, and it gets your blog out there more when you let other bloggers know you’re there.


Tomorrow is the final day for my Sweet Love Giveaway! Entries must be received by tomorrow at 7pm Pacific! I will be announcing the winner Friday, probably around 9 am Pacific time.