Today’s Question: Favorite Authors. Who do you have named in your LT account as favorite authors? Why did you choose them? How many people share your choices? Can you share a picture of one of them?

I’ve got several favorite authors: Jane Austen, Sarah Dessen, Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas (pere), Diana Gabaldon, Philippa Gregory, Kazuo Ishiguro, Jhumpa Lahiri, Ian McEwan, L.M. Montgomery, Haruki Murakami, and Sarah Waters. Austen and McEwan are probably my two favorite authors of all time, which made them the first two authors I listed as favorites. Ishiguro, Lahiri, Murakami, and Waters are my newest “favorites.” I’ve only just read books by them for the first time this year, but I know I’ll be going back to them again and again. Gabaldon and Gregory are my favorite historical fiction authors, and Dessen is my favorite young adult author. And Dickens and Dumas are two classic authors that I find myself going back to, even when I don’t expect to.

Of these twelve authors, there are two LT users who share six of them. Seven share five, and twenty-three share four (including LT’s own Abby). In terms of pictures, many of these authors have images readily available on the web (I’m talking to you, Miss Austen!), so I’ll share an image of a lesser-known of these authors: Sarah Dessen.

Image taken from Library Thing’s author page. I own no rights to it!