I was making pretty good progress on my reading for awhile, but was distracted a few times during this time period. First by ESPN News (had to find out how USC did today- ouch!) and then by Saturday Night Live- Tina Fey is HILARIOUS.

I did manage to get another 70 pages of Carnegie Libraries read. I’ve got a little less than 40 pages left, and I’m going to try to finish the book tonight. So I’ll definitely be reading it until 1 a.m., and possibly later. I want to try to be done by 1, but not at the expense of understanding the material.

So the page total is 394. I fully intend for this to increase once I finish this book and switch to something a little less mentally taxing.

As far as updates go, I expect to update again probably around 3 a.m. Pacific, and then later in the day on Sunday (after several hours of sleep), I’ll update with all my final tallies in a Sunday Salon post.

This will be the hard part, these last five hours. But I think I can do it!