The Sunday After a very productive, post-every-day, first week of November, I came to a screeching halt this week, and haven’t blogged about anything since my last Sunday Salon post last week. I’m kind of disappointed in myself; I just wasn’t able to keep my head in the game, I guess.

I did some book buying, though- probably more than I should have. I brought home several new treasures for myself. On Wednesday, I ran into Borders to get one of those Wedge-Light things, (Love it, by the way), and also got The Meaning of Night: A Confession by Michael Cox. A trip to Barnes & Noble yesterday brought in a remaindered hardcover of Toni Morrison’s Love, and at Borders (also yesterday), I got Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck, both by Christopher Moore. I’m going through a vampire phase right now, and Christopher Moore’s books are supposed to be great. Additionally, I also got a couple books in the mail: The King’s Daughter: A Novel of the First Tudor Queen by Sandra Worth, which was sent to me for review, and The Gravedigger’s Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates, which came from BookMooch.

I’m hoping to get back on the proverbial wagon this week. I’m hoping that the vampires (both Christopher Moore’s and others) will do the trick. Because I’ve got a ton of great review books that I really, really need to review.

I’m also starting to get really excited for the 999 challenge. I know it doesn’t start until next year, but I’ve got most of my books all planned out (two categories are blank because they literally can’t be filled yet). My thread on Library Thing is here. As you can tell from some of the categories, I’m feeling pretty ambitious. And there are books that I plan to read next year that don’t fall into those categories. The “chunksters” category will give me the most trouble, as most of those books are really, really long. Clarissa may be too much to hope for, but I do have some others I can sub in if need be. If I decide to throw a category over to miscellaneous, that will probably be the first category to go.

But for now, I’ve got really high hopes for the challenge. And since I won’t be in school at all next year (next semester is my first semester out of school in 19 years), I figure I have a better shot to succeed than I did with the 888 challenge this year (which I gave up on in August). And I might be making some small changes to the way I post reviews next year. We’ll see how it all works out. I should easily reach 50 books for this year, so I’ve got my eye on 100 books for next year. Here’s hoping that not being in school will do wonders for my desire and ability to read for leisure.

Well, it’s pretty late here (my brain still says it’s Saturday- I am posting really early), so I’m going to bed. I’ll try to comment on other Salon posts more actively this week. Hope you all have a great Sunday.