Whether on accident or on purpose, two sets of questions went up for today’s BTT. My answers are in the order I read the posts, so I answered the second post and the first post second.

Do you give books as gifts?

Yes, I do. For some, such as my grandmother and my friend Michelle, it’s pretty easy because they have easy-to-pin-down tastes. For others, though, it can be a little more tricky.

To everyone? Or only to select people?

In the past, it’s been to select people, but I’m trying to find a way to gift all my gift recipients with books this year. I’m having a really hard time with some people, though, and I may have to throw in the towel.

How do you feel about receiving books as gifts?

I LOVE receiving books as gifts. It’s always a lot of fun to see what other people think I would enjoy, and most people know buy me books have a pretty good idea of what to look for. And if they’re not sure, they ask.


What is the best book you ever bought for yourself?

Hm. This is a really tough question, because I’ve bought myself a lot of pretty good books over the years. In the last couple years, though, I think the best book I bought for myself was Fingersmith by Sarah Waters.

And, why? What made it the best? What made it so special?

I bought this book on a total whim. All I knew about it was that it was supposed to be a bit like reading Dickens, and I’m always up for a good Victorian read. But there was a great twist a couple hundred pages into the book that I really didn’t see coming. I haven’t been that surprised by a book in a long time. I mean, after a while, you can kind of guess how a book will end. But as Fingersmith progressed, I really had no idea what was going to come next, and I really liked that. Since then, I’ve read a few books with some good twists, but none that got me like Fingersmith did.

What about you? What are your book-gifting habits like? And what is the best book you’ve bought just for you?