There are some great awards going around the blogging community right now, and I’ve received two of them. I’m so excited about these; it’s the first time I’ve gotten one, so to get two in the span of a few days is a huge treat for me.

Rebecca at The Book Lady’s Blog nominated me for the Butterfly Award.

And as if that wasn’t exciting enough, Michele at Reader’s Respite gave me the Premio Dardos award this week, too.

Both awards ask me to nominate several of my favorite blogs, but most of my favorite blogs have already received these awards. So I’m going to nominate one blog for both of them: The True Confessions of a Book Lover Named M. M is actually the person who, four years ago, inspired me to begin my book blog. It took me three years to get it together, but Reading and Ruminations is becoming what I had envisioned four years ago. And so I can’t think of anyone more worthy of it. She’s out of the country right now, but I hope that you’ll all give her blog a look now and again when she gets back in a few weeks.

And thank you again to Rebecca and Michele for giving me these awards!