The first task for the Blog Improvement Project is to set goals to accomplish this year. I do have a few very concrete goals with my blog this year.

  • Review every book I read: I’ve gotten pretty good at doing this, and I don’t read so many books that this is impossible. But I would really like to make sure I take the time to review all of them.
  • Leave more comments on other blogs: I have quite a few blogs in my feed reader, but don’t leave too many comments on them (with a few exceptions). So I need to be a more active part of the community.
  • Ask for fewer review copies: I love the idea of review books. It’s so neat to be able to get books to review before they’re available. And I’ve found some pretty decent books this way. But I don’t love feeling like I have to read and review something within a specified time frame. That’s not to say I won’t ask for or accept any review copies. I’m just going to be more careful about what I take. For example, there are some authors that I would gladly review anything they write (Sandra Worth, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite historical fiction authors, is one one such author).
  • Read and review books sent for review in a timely manner. Right now, I’m not so good at getting review books read as quickly as I should. I need to read them faster and review them sooner rather than later.
  • Work to make sure I’m writing quality reviews: I’m proud of some of my reviews. I’m not as proud of others. I want to make sure the review I’m writing gives others a clear picture of what they can expect from a book, and whether it is a book they should or should not read based on their own preferences.
  • Become an active part of the community: leaving comments on other blogs is just a part of this. Being an active part of the community means participating in weekly memes and carnivals, as well as special events such as the 24-hour read-a-thon and Book Blogger Appreciation Week.

Well, I think that’s a pretty good start for now. I think these are all goals that can be achieved with a bit of effort. I’m looking forward to seeing where things are at the end of the year!