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It is a new semester at the Gallagher School for Exceptional Young Women, and Cammie Morgan is eager to put the events of last semester behind her. After an intense CIA debriefing and interrogation, she’s ready to fulfill her promise to stop sneaking around. But then she overhears her mother and one of her teachers discussing Blackthorn. Cammie and her roommates have to know: what is Blackthorn, and does it have any connection to the east wing of the school suddenly being locked? Things are further complicated by the arrival of boys at the Gallagher school- boys who have the same training and education as them. Gallagher Girls are trained for complications, but can they remember everything they’ve been taught?

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy is the second novel in Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series, and for me, it proved to be just the light, entertaining book I needed to break me of more book apathy. Cammie was perhaps  a little more neurotic this time, but it’s kind of endearing. It never ceases to amaze me that these highly intelligent girls can do just about anything- except talk to and relate to boys. At one point, after the arrival of the male students, Cammie notices the amount of attention her classmates are paying the boys. She says:

It was as if a virus had been injected into our school, but Macey’d known about a thousand boys before she’d come here. And I’d known Josh. The two of us had been exposed before, so we had built up antibodies. We were, in a word, immune.

However, Cammie proves that, in spite of her clandestine relationship with Josh the previous semester, she still has a lot to learn about boys, and she is far from immune to their presence. And this innocence is refreshing, really.

Overall, I thought this was a great read: fun, light, and a perfect way to spend a few hours in the afternoon. If you’ve read the first book in the series, I’d definitely recommend this one as well.

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Pages: 236
Rating: 4 stars
Qualifying Challenges: 100 Books, 999 Challenge, Winter Reading Challenge, YA Challenge
999 Category: YA

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