I tend to be pretty apolitical in my posts (both here and on my personal blog), mostly because I have middle-of-the-road beliefs. I have conservative views on some things and liberal views on others. And I think politics are a personal thing (can you tell I belong to a family that has differing political views than I do?). But as I’m watching the inauguration ceremony this morning, all I can think is how wonderful and momentous this all is. I know many are excited because this marks the first time the President will be African American (or multi-racial, if you prefer), but I’m excited just because any time there is a shift in power, there is the potential for historical significance.

I’m so hopeful that President Obama will be able to accomplish the things he sets out to do, and that his administration will be one where the people of the United States feel that they can have faith in their leader- whether they are Republican or Democrat, or don’t prescribe to any particular party beliefs.

And I hope, more than anything, that we will all continue to have hope that this nation, this economy, and this world, can be a better place.