Seems hard to believe it’s Sunday already. This past week has flown by. Things are no more settled on the job front at this point, but during this next week, I will either be given my schedule for the month of February or my pink slip. Either way, it’s completely out of my hands at this point.

I’ve had a much more productive week, though. I finished two books: The Rose of York: Love and War by Sandra Worth, and Perfect on Paper by Maria Murnane. The review for the first will be posted later today or tomorrow, the second will definitely be posted on Tuesday.

I also made plans to debut a new feature here on Reading and Ruminations this week. On Wednesday, I will be making the first post in a weekly or bi-weekly series, Highlighting History. I will be sharing information about a historical person or era who has caught my attention, and I will also give a sampling of the literature about the subject, both fiction and non-fiction. I think it will be an interesting experiment, and I know my TBR pile is going to grow as a result.

This week, I’m re-reading the first four books in Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation series, since the fifth book came out last week. Because I didn’t review the books the first time I read them, I will probably review them as I complete them this time around. So look for those reviews over the course of the next week or so.

Hope you all have a good Sunday!