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Fifteen year old Evie Spooner is thrilled when her stepfather returns home a year after World War II has ended. After taking some time to establish a new appliance business, he begins to receive suspicious phone calls, and Evie and her mother are surprised when he insists on taking the family on vacation in Florida in September. However, what follows on their trip to Florida changes Evie- and their family- forever.

Okay, so I’m not doing a great job of explaining the plot without giving anything away, but I liked this book. It has a very noir quality, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Blundell has a way with words that made me feel like I was right there with them in the mid- to late-1940s. Honestly, in a weird sort of way, it almost reminded me of watching Veronica Mars: on the surface, people seem friendly and kind, but when you start to dig a bit deeper, there’s a rather unappealing darkness swirling underneath, where sometimes the people you love and depend on the most are the ones who hurt and disappoint you in the biggest ways.

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Pages: 281
Rating: 4 stars
Qualifying Challenges: 100 Books, YA Challenge, Countdown Challenge
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