• Hardcover? Or paperback?: For collectible books, I definitely prefer hardcover to paperback, if only because they’re more durable. If it’s just an average book, I prefer trade paperbacks because they’re easier to carry around.
  • Illustrations? Or just text?: I like illustrations IF they make sense with the text. I don’t love it when there are illustrations just for the sake of having a pretty picture to look at.
  • First editions? Or you don’t care?: While I certainly wouldn’t say no to a first edition, I don’t seek them out: the first editions of older books are *really* expensive, and I know I don’t have that kind of money.Additionally, I wouldn’t want to risk damaging an expensive or valuable book by reading it.
  • Signed by the author? Or not?: As far as author signatures go, I have no problem with them. Some of the books that have been sent to me by the authors to read have been signed, and that’s fine. My copies of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Peony in Love were signed by Lisa See when she came to Roseville last year for Roseville Reads (I bought them after the event because I was at work while she was making her appearances in town).

What about you? Do you have any preferences for collectible books?