I promised last week I would post pictures of my trip to Disneyland once I was home. And so here are some of the pictures I took.

We started out the day in Tommorowland so we wouldn’t have to wait too long for Star Tours or Space Mountain. We walked on to Star Tours and had a good laugh at the quality of the graphics and videos. It’s funny to see what they envisioned the future would be like in the 70s and early 80s. We really didn’t have to wait very long for Space Mountain either- maybe 15 minutes. It was freezing when we were on the roller coaster. I don’t remember it being quite so cold when I was young. But we had a blast there as well.

I took these pictures of some of the girls I went with after we got off Space Mountain.

That’s Rebecca on the left and Sara on the right.

Allison, the birthday girl, is between Rebecca and Sara in this picture. Becca is Allison’s sister.

Allison puts on a birthday cake hat and shows off the button she got at City Hall when we got to the park. The guy who gave her the button decorated it really well. He wrote her name in a fancy script and dotted the “i” with a Mickey Mouse head. He also drew “fairy dust” on the button as well. She had the best birthday button in the park. Everyone else we saw with the birthday button just had their name scribbled on the button, barely legible. A few of the cast members around the park even commented on how cute it looked.

Allison and me outside the Buzz Lightyear ride/game. Allison had the best score of the five of us who went. I think she may have even had a higher score than the other four scores combined.

Sara and I standing near Sleeping Beauty’s castle. I swear, the castle is MUCH smaller than it was when I was little. Actually, Allison and I kept commenting on it all day. And I don’t think it’s because we’re taller than were when we were younger.

Becca and Allison debate about how they’re going to make the legs of three people over 5’9 fit into one teacup. Let’s just say it took a lot of debate and shuffling. Meanwhile, Emily (5’8) and I (5’6) were feeling pretty snug in our own teacup- and we were the two shortest.

Becca, Sara, and Allison take a break from their debate long enough to smile for a picture. After I took this picture, the ride operator came over to make sure they were all sitting in the teacup. Sara was sitting on one of her legs, and I think maybe Becca was, too. Let’s just say the ride operator didn’t appreciate me and Emily laughing at them from our teacup, and she definitely didn’t appreciate Sara’s insistence that she really couldn’t fit into the teacup any further down, she wasn’t going to fly out, and a few other things. In the end, the operator finally let them be, but it was a pretty tight fit. If we ever go to Disneyland in the future, the shorter people will be interspersed with the taller people.

Me, post-Splash Mountain. I was in the front of the log, because I was the shortest person. I’m the smallest person of all the people who went, and I’m not exactly a size two (and it would be quite generous to call me average as well). I was soaking wet BEFORE we got to the big drop- so you can only imagine how wet I was by the time we got off. The dry spots on my calves were completely soaked through twenty minutes after this picture was taken. It got to the point where everything was so wet you couldn’t really tell that I was wet if you were just glancing at me. After we went on Splash Mountain, we went on Pirates, the Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones, and we also went to the Tiki Room as well. I was FREEZING by the time we got back to the condo we were staying at.

So that’s the basic rundown of my day at the Mouse House. I had a really great time, and I hope you enjoyed getting a little peek at my trip.