Is it just me, or are Sundays coming faster and faster? It really doesn’t seem like it should be Sunday again already.

This past week was kind of all over the map for me, in terms of reading. I finished Palace Circle last weekend (after my Sunday Salon post), and I actually ended up being pretty disappointed in it overall. Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty good, but I kept waiting for it to become really good, or great, and it never quite got there. My full thoughts on it are in my review, which I posted on Tuesday. I spent most of the week reading The Sunne in Splendour on and off, but I still haven’t gotten too far into it. I’m still waiting for the part where it really hooks me. So I decided to take a little break from it and read Charmed Thirds, the third novel in the Jessica Darling series. I really wanted to make sure I read the first four books before the fifth was released next month, because I just know I’m going to want to know how the series ends almost as soon as the book is released. I just finished the book late last night, so I’m still kind of formulating my thoughts on it. I should have the review up sometime in the next 24 hours, because I really want to get on with reading Fourth Comings, but I don’t want my thoughts on Charmed Thirds to be corrupted by knowing what happens next (more than I already know, that is). Or, I might just wait until the weekend before Perfect Fifths is released to read Fourth Comings, so I can minimize the wait time before I know what happens. Either way, expect my review of Charmed Thirds shortly.

What about you? Are you more likely to read books in series as they come out, or do you try to wait until the series is complete so you can minimize the amount of time lingering in suspense before the next books come out? For the most part, I tend to read series books as they come out (provided I like the series, of course). The only reason I’m considering the other is because the final book is so close to being released.

(Side note: when it comes to some TV shows, I’m the opposite. For example, I refuse to watch LOST until the series finale airs next year. I tried watching the first season and got completely confused within the first ten episodes. So I’m not going to watch until I *know* that the producers have answered all the questions they’re going to answer.)

The completion of Charmed Thirds means I can officially cross off the first book in the Spring Reading Thing challenge, which is nice. I really do think the smaller number of books will enable me to be successful this time around
(plus I’m not planning to re-read five different books during the next three months like I did during the Winter Reading Challenge).

And to that end, I’ll be working on The Sunne in Splendour most of the rest of the day. Have a great Sunday!