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Jessica Darling is on her way to Princeton, planning to break up with boyfriend Marcus Flutie. She’s not expecting Marcus to counter the beginning of her breakup talk with a proposal, so when he does propose, she’s genuinely shocked. She promises to take a week to think about it, and over the course of that week, she does think. Her journals, usually chronicled without thought of their ever being seen by anyone, are now being written for Marcus to read, so that he can see the thought that went into her answer. Additionally, Jessica is finally living with her best friend Hope, who is more visible than she has ever been in this series.

Fourth Comings is the fourth of five books in the Jessica Darling series, and for me, it was an improvement over the previous novel, Charmed Thirds. In the third novel, it didn’t seem like some of Jessica’s actions were really all that Jessica-like. As a notorious over-thinker, she just didn’t think at all about things she never would have considered before. And the fourth book, at least in my opinion, was a return to the Jessica of old: the Jessica who rarely did anything without thinking about it incessantly.

There were some things about this book that didn’t quite work for me. For example, as Jessica is considering Marcus’s proposal, Hope reveals that as children, she and Marcus were best friends, a fact that sends Jessica reeling. Jessica and Hope have been best friends for about ten years at this point, and Jessica has only been involved with Marcus during five or six of those years. At some point, wouldn’t Hope have mentioned that she and Marcus were best friends, or that Marcus was her first kiss (a fact revealed to Jessica by Marcus’s older brother Hugo)? My best friends knew all about my first kiss (and one was witness to it). So it seems odd to me that at twelve, Hope and Jessica hadn’t shared that kind of information with each other.

In spite of the flaws of the book (such as mentioned above), I felt like it was more of a return to the first books, and it left me eagerly awaiting the fifth and final book in the series, which was released yesterday (and which I already have).

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Pages: 307
Rating: 4 stars
Qualifying Challenges: 100 Books, Countdown Challenge, Spring Reading Thing
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