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After spending several years apart, Jessica Darling and Marcus Flutie literally crash back into each others’ lives. It has been three years since they’ve seen each other, three years since she refused his marriage proposal. Their brief encounter at Newark Liberty Airport turns into an all-day (and night) reunion as they catch up and start looking to the future.

Perfect Fifths is a complete departure from the style of the previous novels of the series. Where the earlier novels were written from Jessica’s point-of-view as Jessica’s journals, this novel has several points of view. For the first time, the audience gets to see what Marcus is thinking, which was both a nice change and a disappointment. It was nice to see what really goes on in his head, but a disappointment to learn that his thought processes really aren’t all that different from other males.

Overall, I thought this was a very satisfactory conclusion to the series. Jessica shows real signs of maturity, and is doing something with her life that I think is absolutely amazing (encouraging young girls to use writing to find their inner voice). Marcus is also doing things that are very Marcus-like, such as working to help rebuild homes in New Orleans. And though time is certainly spent dwelling on the past (when you’ve been apart more than three years, it’s inevitable), it doesn’t really drag down the novel. When the novel ends, it doesn’t neatly wrap everything into one package (and whose life would be wrapped up into a neat package at the age of 26?)- but it does suggest that Jessica and Marcus will get the ending fans have been waiting for.

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Pages: 258
Rating: 4 stars
Qualifying Challenges: 100 Books, Countdown Challenge, Spring Reading Thing, Pub Challenge, 999 Challenge
999 Category: 2009 releases