Welcome to the Summer Reading Blitz! During the month of June, I’m going to have my own personal read-a-thon, in attempt to get back where I want to be with my reading, as well as find pleasure in reading again (I think I’ve lost the pleasure in the stress of my everyday life during the last few months). There are several elements to the Summer Reading Blitz. Some of them are specific to me, but others are beneficial to you, the readers of my blog.

1. Thirty books in thirty days. It seemed a little extreme to me to try to read thirty books in thirty days. But really, it shouldn’t be all that difficult. It’s certainly possible, especially when I don’t waste time watching television (shouldn’t be a problem this summer, to tell the truth). So, my goal is to read thirty books over the course of the next thirty days.

2. Giveaways! This is where it gets fun for you! I am planning several giveaways during the month of June. The first will be posted on Monday, June 1, and I’m planning to have four or five during the course of the month.

3. Charity. Way back in January, when Reading and Ruminations was still on LiveJournal, I donated $1.00 for every entry into a giveaway to Room to Read, a charity which works to promote literacy in seven countries through Africa and Asia. It took a lot of thought to decide which organization I would donate to: the American Cancer Society and the ASPCA are both organizations that mean a lot to me. And I know that there are charities throughout the United States that desperately need help, especially in today’s economic climate. But Room to Read helps literacy throughout the world, and children in these countries lack the opportunity for even a basic elementary education. So I decided that in the month of June, I’m going to make more donations. I have decided to donate $.25 for every comment left here on Reading and Ruminations in the month of June to Room to Read. I will also be donating $1.00 for every post I make to Room to read as well. So if you want to help promote literacy for those who don’t have our opportunities, please leave comments here on Reading and Ruminations in the month of June. That’s it. That’s all you have to do to help make an impact in a child’s life.

Don’t forget to come back on June 1 for the first giveaway and the first day of the Summer Reading Blitz!