It’s been several weeks since I posted anything, and unfortunately, there’s been a reason for that: real life stresses have made it difficult for me to concentrate on anything, let alone reading. And even though there are lots of amazing books sitting on my shelves just waiting to be read, I’ve had a hard time getting excited about any of them.

So for the last few days, I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways to get excited about reading again, and actually spend the time reading. And here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  • Effective immediately, I will not be participating in any challenges, including ones I’d actively been working on. I love signing up for challenges, but my follow-through on them is terrible, and it stresses me out. Since I’m trying to reduce the amount of stress in my life, that means challenges have to go. Maybe I can participate in them once I get myself centered, but for now, challenges are gone. I’ve already stopped accepting review copies, though I will be reviewing the review copies I already have. That will also remove some of the pressure.
  • I’m going to listen to more audiobooks. I can listen to audiobooks when I’m playing Peggle, or games on Pogo, or crocheting. In the past, I hadn’t much cared for them because they made me sleepy. But with my Audible membership, I’m slowly getting more audiobooks that are really good. Right now I’m listening to Outlander, which is a re-read, but I’ve got some great books waiting in the wings: Her Fearful Symmetry, The Hunger Games, and A Prayer for Owen Meany, just to name a few.
  • In addition to not joining any challenges, I’m not going to set any goals for myself. When I set goals, I don’t always know what’s going to be coming in the days/weeks/months ahead, and then when life interferes (as it has in a very unexpected way the last several weeks), it becomes impossible to meet my goals, and that’s just setting myself up for failure.
  • I am, however, going to try to be more actively involved in the book blogging community, including events like the read-a-thon. I’m signed up for the read-a-thon, but I know I won’t be able to actively participate as much as I would like because my brother is getting married the night before the read-a-thon, and familial obligations will continue to hamper my reading.

I’ve also decided to let go of my goal of reviewing the books I’ve already read. With the exception of one or two books, which are review copies, I am going to let the reviews go and just start fresh.

I’m hoping that by refocusing some of my reading ideals, I will be able to get excited about reading and books again. I have so many great books just waiting to be read, and I can’t wait to enjoy them. Additionally, if anyone else has some ideas about getting excited about reading again, I’d love to hear them.