Hi everyone! I am briefly peeking my head out to let you all know that yes, I am still alive. Nothing in the last month has gone according to plan, including my plan to get back on track with my reading and blogging. Between my brother’s wedding and my grandfather’s death and the sudden trip to Arizona it necessitated, it’s been hard to get a handle on much of anything not work-related.

I’ve talked several times about needing to schedule time to blog, but I hadn’t actually done so. Until now. I just sat down with my (Google) calendar and marked off an hour each day to work on writing blog posts and reviews. Now, this may not work. But I figure that I’ve said I want to try doing that, so I should actually try.

And so that this post actually does contain bookish content, I’ve acquired several new books over the last several weeks. I picked up quite a few at the Lake Havasu City Hastings, which had some pretty good prices, while I was in Arizona last week. I got:

I’m definitely going through a phase where I’m starting to want history books more than fiction. I go through this phase a couple times a year, usually at the beginning and end of the year. Another recent purchase is Blood and Roses by Helen Castor, about a family in England during the Wars of the Roses, and my most recent Library Thing Early Reviewers book is The Lady Queen by Nancy Goldstone, about the reign of Joanna I. I’m very excited about digging in to some history books. One of the things I miss about school is digging in to the books and learning new things about history.

Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think?