Okay, so I don’t have a lot of time for Bloggiesta this weekend. I have ten million things to do, and of course, there is not ten million hours in which to actually do these things. But I’ve missed out on the Bloggiesta party before, and I’ve wanted to participate. But after thinking over my blog and my blogging plan, I decided that it would be important to try to carve a few hours out of the weekend in which to do some clean-up and shape-up around here.

I came to the conclusion this week that a not insignificant part of the reason I became Bad Blogger the last eight months or so is the fact that I am dissatisfied with the blog as a whole. Not like I was while Reading and Ruminations was hosted at LiveJournal, but it’s still not great (though I do love the WordPress platform and the way it’s super easy to use). So a lot of my work this weekend may not be readily apparent for awhile, because I have some research to do.

At any rate, here are some of the things I would like to do this weekend:

  • New tagline for Reading and Ruminations
  • Look into domain registration and becoming Readingandruminations.com
  • Look into the style of the blog (branding, if you will)
  • Update About Me
  • Update Review Policy
  • Update links and pages at the top (yikes)
  • Catch up on back reviews (I think I currently have 14)
  • Work on potential weekly or bimonthly features
  • Create a reading plan for the next six months

My goal is to spend 8-10 hours on Bloggiesta this weekend. It may not seem like much of a challenge, but it’s more time than I’ve spent on Reading and Ruminations in the whole of 2010. I will be checking in periodically, but I will probably only update once a day.

Happy Bloggiesta!