Sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen has always protected her younger sister Prim. So when Prim is selected to take part in the Hunger Games, a brutal event that pits twenty-four children between the ages of twelve and eighteen in a battle to the death, Katniss finds herself volunteering to take her place in the Games. What follows is beyond even what Katniss expects, and she finds herself using any means necessary to survive the Hunger Games.

I am very late to the Hunger Games party. I didn’t have a whole lot of interest in the series last year when everyone was raving about Catching Fire, and it wasn’t until Mockingjay‘s release a few weeks ago that I decided I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I’d tried the audiobook of The Hunger Games a few months ago, but didn’t get into it and just let it wane from my interest while I focused on other things. Well, now I’m here, and I’m sorry I waited (well, maybe not too sorry, because now I can have pretty much instantaneous gratification when it comes to knowing how the story ends). I read The Hunger Games in about two hours, finding it nearly impossible to put down.

I loved the pace of the story- it moved at a good clip, without relying on an abundance of manufactured cliffhangers. And I found Katniss to be a compelling narrator. It was fascinating to watch her go from basically accepting her place in the Hunger Games as a death sentence to realizing that, with a bit of strategy and luck, she might have a chance at survival (and a chance to stick it to the Capitol, the sadistic government forcing these Games).

I loved this book, and I can’t wait to see how the story continues in Catching Fire.

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