Happy Sunday, fellow Saloners! It’s been such a quiet day so far, and I’m rather enjoying the peace. It’s been a pretty quiet week here in Reading and Ruminations-land. I participated in the first day of BBAW, which highlighted the fantabulous blog my books. my life. And I wasn’t the only one around the blogosphere to show Michelle some love. I think four or five others named her as well. Beyond that, I didn’t participate too much as I spent a lot of the week working overtime and dealing with some personal things with my family.

It was also a quiet week in terms of reading. I finally finished Mockingjay, and should be posting my pseudo-review of it probably tomorrow. After spending the last few weeks caught up in Panem, though, I am ready to move on to something else. But I’m having a lot of trouble deciding just what that something else should be. I kind of want to read some non-fiction, but most of my non-fiction books are still at my mom and dad’s. I’m also seriously considering one of the books off the 1001 books list, but can’t decide whether I want to read something contemporary or a classic. And then when I spend too much time staring at my shelves, it makes me think about all the books that I haven’t unboxed yet because I don’t have enough bookshelves. And I also start thinking about the sheer disorganization. There are some books that I have out but would rather be put away for now, and books that belong together aren’t together, and it just makes my head hurt. I think the only shelf I have managed to actually organize thus far is my shelf of international classics (not American and not British). But even then it’s not totally organized because there are one or two books that I don’t have room for.

And then it occurs to me that I am thinking too hard about all of this and the best way to get over it and find something to read is to just grab a book off the shelves without thinking about it any further and just go sit on the couch and read.

Which I think I will do now. Have a great Sunday, everyone!