Happy Sunday, my lovelies. Fall is finally, FINALLY here in the Sacramento Valley, which means I can wear sweaters outside and love the rain falling outside my window. It’s a perfect day to find some tunes, curl up on the couch, and enjoy the cool air coming through the windows and the smell of rain. So what am I doing? I am venturing out into the sprinkles and going shopping.

One of the few good things about summers that last into October is the ability to wear flip flops everywhere, then just change into heels when I get to work. But with cold weather, flip flops aren’t always appropriate (no matter what my sophomore history seminar professor thought when I was in college). And my shoes from last year are trashed. So I am off in search of new boots, as well as other little essentials like shampoo and toilet paper, and possibly a new book.

When I get home, though, I have a date with the couch. And my iPod. And Finny by Justin Kramon, which I’ve kind of picked at this week, but really want to get into tonight. And I will be doing it with a chai latte in hand as well. Because that really is the best way to spend a rainy fall afternoon and evening.

Hope you all have an equally fantastic afternoon/evening.