Happy Sunday, fellow Saloners! It’s a nice chilly day in Reading and Ruminations-land. We’ve had several rainy Sundays in recent weeks, but this weekend marks the first really big storm of the season. There’s a break right now, but I am sitting on the couch watching these big clouds start to move in for the next wave of the storm. My roommate and I have been trying to hold off on turning on the heater, so it’s a little cold in my apartment. No matter. I am currently snuggled on the couch with my laptop acting as heater, and when I’m done with this post, I will be switching it out for my favorite couch-snuggling blanket.

It’s continued to be slow here on the blog, and a not-insignificant reason for that is that my reading has been slow the last few months. However, I think that’s going to be changing. I’ve been watching a lot of TV, but I’m finding myself breaking up with a lot of the TV shows I watch. I also waste a lot of time on the Internet (though I guess to an extent, we all do). Last night, it was Dear Blank, Please Blank. But the more I do that, the more bored I honestly feel. So I am trying to spend more time reading. I know, it’s a song I’ve been singing for quite a few months now. But I am slowly working on piecing together some changes and improvements, and I think 2011 is going to be the best year yet for the blog.

At any rate, it’s a holiday week, which means I should have some extra reading time this coming week as well. I’m only working half the week, and then Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday should give me some nice extra reading time.

So on that note, I am signing off to grab my Seahawks blanket, Twilight of Avalon, and a cup of hot chocolate. Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday.