So it’s once again Bloggiesta weekend, and I am participating in a totally unofficial capacity. I didn’t sign up, and I am not actively taking part in any particular challenges. I tried participating last June officially, and it lasted me about ten seconds before I got sidetracked by homework for my paralegal class and FarmVille.

There are a few reasons I didn’t sign up this year, mostly having to do with meaning to do it this week and being totally distracted by being sick. But I do have things I want to do this weekend, and so here’s my unofficial list of things I’d like to accomplish this weekend:

  • Complete and schedule backlogged reviews
  • Catch up on linking reviews to review database
  • Fix tags and categories
  • Clean up my sidebar
  • Work on a new header
  • Create a slightly more solid reading plan for 2011

Nothing too big or busy, since I’ve got things happening today and tomorrow (another reason for not “officially” participating). None of these should prove especially time-consuming, but they’ve all been things that have been nagging at me for quite some time.

I hope everyone else has lots of good luck this Bloggiesta weekend.