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The war between the Britons and Saxons for control of the British Isles is heating up, and once again, former High Queen Isolde finds herself in the middle of all the action. She and Lord Madoc, the newly elected high king of Britain, struggle to make plans to ensure Britain’s survival in the face of the face of Lord Marche’s betrayal. In a desperate attempt to turn the tide against the Saxons and Lord Marche, Isolde reteams with her childhood friend Trystan to try to change the alliance lines and give Britain a fighting chance. What happens on this next stage of their adventure is beyond anything either expected.

Dark Moon of Avalon, the second book in Anna Elliott’s Twilight of Avalon series was just as engrossing and enchanting as the first- perhaps even more so. The Arthurian legends that were so much a part of the first novel have taken a backseat, but it’s a good thing as the characters in the story become more familiar. In particular, I was pleased by the development of Trystan’s character and his connection to Isolde. For me, the central storyline was the weakest of the first novel, so it was nice to see it get more attention here in the second novel.

Again, one of my favorite parts of the story was the interactions between the main characters and the lesser ones. It was nice to see characters like Madoc and Kian come into their own a little bit and take on more dimensions than they were afforded in the first novel. Additionally, there were new secondary characters that made life interesting to Trystan and Isolde: Fidach, an old associate of Trystan’s, was far and away the most colorful of the lot, but Eurig, Piye, and Daka, a few of his men, were likewise good additions to the small number of allies for our heroine.

Of course, at the end of the day, this is a love story about Trystan and Isolde, and as I mentioned above, their story has more of a chance to shine here than in the previous novel.Their increased interaction makes the love story all the more plausible, and the emotions between them are palpable, particularly closer to the end of the novel.

Overall, I thought it was a fantastic follow-up to Twilight of Avalon, and I am anxious for the third and final novel in this trilogy to be released later this year.

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