Happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week! I am pretty sure that BBAW springs up faster and faster every year, even though it tends to always happen in mid-September (my brain is not what it used to be). Anyway! Today’s topic charges us to share our love for bloggers who make this experience a unique one. I don’t really have a mentor blogger as I am a Champion Lurker and Sporadic Poster. But. Here are some of the bloggers that make being a part of this community awesome for me.

Funniest Blogger I Follow: Raych of books i done read. I’m pretty sure everyone already reads the Done Read. And if you’re not, you should be. Raych is Hilarious-with-a-capital-H. I don’t know how she comes up with about 90 percent of the things she says. But I’m glad she does, because it makes me smile when I read her posts, which is sometimes when I am stranded in Customer Service Hell at work, and that makes me hate the hold music at (insert your chosen financial institution here) a little less.

Blogger I’d Most Like to Be Friends With in Real Life: This is actually a bit of an unfair category, as there are many book bloggers I’d like to be friends with IRL (and might be someday if I ever 1. Spend less time lurking and more time posting; 2. Spend more time on Twitter; or 3. Get my ass to BEA and/or Book Blogger Con and/or any big bookish event). But for the sake of brevity (which I clearly don’t grasp as a basic concept), I will limit myself to Megan of write meg! There are many reasons why Meg is awesome, but I think I can relate to her fairly well because we are at similar places in our lives, and we do have somewhat similar taste in books. And reading her blog is like having a conversation with a friend.

Blogger Whose Organizational Skills and/or Stamina I’d Love to Have for a Week (or so): Swapna of S. Krishna’s Books. Have you seen how much she reads? Or how much she posts? I can barely manage a review a month, if I’m lucky. She posts daily! And can review multiple books in a day! It takes me absolutely ages to organize my thoughts, and usually by the time I do, I’ve forgotten what I was planning to say. So she gets a gazillion kudos for all that she is able to do, and again, I’d love to have her skills for just a week or so. That’d be swell.

I follow a gazillion bloggers (in stealth) and I love them all, even though I don’t have room to name them all. So, fellow book bloggers: please know that  I love and adore you all.