Happy Readathon, everyone! I am blogging and Tweeting today from my iPod since my laptop decided this morning was the perfect time to instigate a rebellion. I’ve been fighting with it on and off this first hour. So if my posts are a bit short today, it’s because right now they’re being pecked out on a touch screen by someone whose touch-screen-typing abilities are borderline laughable.

The good news is, I discovered the WordPress app this morning, so at least there’s that.

My first book this morning is Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman. I am late to the party on this book, but so far I’m enjoying it very much. Or at least, I am between sessions of looking at my computer and whimpering.

At this point, unless my computer becomes more cooperative, most of my participating will be done via Twitter. You can find me there at @shootingstarr7.

Happy Reading!