Happy New Year, everyone! I know the blog here has been quiet for quite awhile. A big chunk of the reason for that is that 2011 shaped up to be my worst reading year since I started keeping track. I only read 23 books in 2011, which is pretty dire. I’ve never read hundreds of books a year the way some do, but for whatever reason, my heart just was not in it last year.

I think part of the reason for that is that I shied away from reading challenges. I’d joined  in the past but always failed, and I felt that I didn’t really want a challenge to dictate the way I read. That much is still true- I don’t really want any officially organized challenges to dictate the way I read. But I am going to set some specific goals for myself for the year. I set specific books last year, and that didn’t work: I only read one of the twelve books on the list. So here are my goals for 2012:

-100 Books
-10 Non-fiction books
-30 Classics, particularly Dickens and Dumas
-At least 50 off my existing TBR

This may be a bit much, considering how little I read in 2011, but where’s the challenge if I don’t set lofty goals?

Hope the rest of you are as excited about reading in 2012 as I am!