I’m not sure if anyone still subscribes to or reads this blog, given that I did not post at all in 2012 (except for one review and a post during the October read-a-thon). My lack of posting is not a surprise given that it coincided with my worst reading year ever. In 2012, I read a grand total of 14 or 15 books (the exact number is on my spreadsheet at home). That’s awful. I can’t even call myself an active reader with those numbers.

The last few years, I’ve avoided reading challenges because I didn’t ever complete them, and I felt like they stifled my reading. With that said, without reading challenges my reading has gotten progressively worse. Certainly, other factors have been at play- work had gotten progressively more stressful, as had my home and family life, but challenges at least gave me something to work toward. I still do not intend to join any formal challenges (I’ve looked at several this year, and none have spoken to me), but over the next few days I am going to think about reading goals I want to set for myself, and my hope is that by the time Sunday rolls around, I will be prepared to share with the world at large.

There was one way in which 2012 was not a total reading failure for me, though, and that’s audiobooks. I’ve listened to parts of the odd audiobook in the past, but generally had trouble completing them because I didn’t have a long commute, and felt like it was a waste of time to listen to audiobooks at home when I could just as easily pick a book up and read it. But I started a new job in June of 2012, and with that came a seriously extended commute time (my round-trip commute used to be around 20 minutes- it’s now about an hour and a half). So I started listening to more audiobooks, and if not for audio books, I’d have read much less than I did in 2012. With that said, I haven’t been doing much listening lately. My beloved old Rav4 lost it’s transmission in November, and I lost my rhythm while sharing a car with my mom. I now have my own new car (a gorgeous 2012 Mazda 6), but I’ve been enjoying the fantastic sound system a little too much to switch back to audiobooks- yet. That day is quickly coming, though.

So, the goal for 2013 is more books. In any form. The important part is that there’s more.