Double digits, y’all! Congratulations to those who have made it through any part of this readathon! I know my day has had a lot more interruptions than I’d planned, but I am happy to say that to this point, not one of those interruptions has been a nap (I usually end up falling asleep again around hour 3 or 4). With that said, the friend that came over is still here, and she IS napping. We’re big fans of the nap around here. It’s good for the soul.

And in other good news, I finished Bright Star. It took me right up to the end of the hour (I stopped for a snack, and then my roommate and my cat were both needy for a little bit), but I can officially cross it off. Next up, I think I am going to go non-fiction for a little while and read The Purity Myth by Jessica Valenti. It promises to be a fascinating read.

For the stats portion of our program:

Currently reading: The Purity Myth
Books completed: Hotel Du Lac; Bright Star
Pages read last hour: 28
Total pages read: 314
Minutes read last hour: 27
Total minutes read: 253
Page per minute average: 1.24