Wow, hour 18 went really quickly. I think, in part, it was due to the fact that I was actually able to spend the hour reading, which I haven’t been able to do for any extended amount of time since, oh, hour 5. I’m making a nice little dent in The Purity Myth, and and though I don’t think I’ll finish it during Hour 19, I may finish during hour 20 if I manage to stay awake.

To that end, I’ve reheated what’s left of the morning’s coffee to get a bit of an evening caffeine jolt. Even still, though, I think this hour or the next may well be my last. The lack of naps is beginning to catch up with me, as is evidenced by my rapidly falling page per minute average.

Stats for Hour 18:

Currently reading: The Purity Myth
Books completed: Hotel Du Lac; Bright Star
Pages read last hour: 36
Total pages read: 410
Minutes read last hour: 41
Total minutes read: 346
Page per minute average: 1.18