Well, I’m slightly more awake now than I was an hour ago (bless whoever discovered coffee), but still kinda wishing I was in bed. But given that it’s 6:00 on a Saturday morning, I think that’s probably not a surprise.

I’ve decided to start the Readathon with Hotel Du Lac, which maybe was not the best choice for a 5 am read. I’m off to a bit of a slow start with it, only averaging a page a minute (which is a smidge on the slow side for me once I get in my groove). But it’s a gorgeous novel, and I am enjoying it. I’m hoping that as I wake up more during hour 2, it’ll start going a little faster.

Hope you’re all off to a lovely start as well! I’ll probably start visiting other participants during hour 3 or so.

Currently reading: Hotel Du Lac
Books completed: None
Pages read last hour: 45
Total pages read: 45
Minutes read last hour: 43
Total minutes read: 43