As we start hour 3, I think it’s time for me to get up and stretch for a minute. And maybe have some breakfast. Even the cats are starting to wake up a bit after having spent most of the past two hours draped across arms of the couch.

I’m just past the halfway point of Hotel Du Lac, and though I likely won’t finish it this hour, I probably will during Hour 4. It is coming along faster now that I’m waking up a bit. And it’s still a gorgeous little novel.

I’m off for a few minutes in search of an English muffin and a fresh cup of coffee. In the meantime, here are my stats for the hour.

Currently reading: Hotel Du Lac
Books completed: None
Pages read last hour: 57
Total pages read: 102
Minutes read last hour: 48
Total minutes read: 91
Page per minute average: 1.12