I should know by now never to make plans when it comes to my reading and blogging. They NEVER seem to work out. I got in a good 20 minutes of reading last hour, then lost all momentum because a friend showed up to pick up some things I borrowed, and our maintenance guy showed up to replace our bathroom sink. I don’t begrudge the people their reasons for interrupting, but I don’t know that I’ll get much reading done while they’re here. This may be a good time to go do some cheering.

I anticipate the first half hour of this hour will continue in much the same fashion, then hopefully I’ll be able to get some reading done again once it’s just me and my roommate again.

Here are my stats for last hour, sad though they are. My pace has slowed a little given that I read poetry more slowly than prose (though this may be true of most people, I’m not sure).

Currently reading: Bright Star
Books completed: Hotel Du Lac
Pages read last hour: 21
Total pages read: 274
Minutes read last hour:23
Total minutes read: 217
Page per minute average: 1.26