As expected, I ended up sleeping for an hour or so after my last update. Life of Pi is going much more slowly than The Passion of the Purple Plumeria did, but I am loving the heck out of it all the same. It’s one of those books that I’ve had on the TBR for about a million years, and I’ve (somehow) managed to never really have it spoiled for me. However, I’ve been listening to back episodes of the Literary Disco podcast (side note: if you aren’t listening, you should be- Rider Strong is one of the hosts, and my internal teenager thinks it’s awesome to hear Shawn Hunter’s voice talking about good books), and I am to the episode where they talk about Life of Pi. Toward the end of this particular episode, they are actually discussing the end of Life of Pi, so I stopped the podcast so I wouldn’t have the end spoiled for me. I don’t know why I care; spoilers don’t usually deter me from watching or reading something I was planning to watch or read anyway. They’ve discussed other books on my TBR, and it hasn’t affected me. But for some reason, it matters with this one. So I am reading this book so I can finish the episode and go back to binge-listening.

Stats for the last three hours:

Currently reading: Life of Pi
Books completed: The Passion of the Purple Plumeria
Pages read last three hours: 40
Total pages read: 490
Minutes read last three hours: 55
Total minutes read: 324
Pages per minute: 1.51