I am about halfway through Life of Pi. and still totally engrossed (though I am in the middle of a break for a late dinner). The good news is I am still pretty awake, so I should be going strong for a few more hours (also my roommate is leaving for the night, so I will be able to employ tactics to help myself stay awake, including keeping the apartment lit up like a Christmas tree and playing music until I really do need to call it a night and go to bed). I’m hoping that I am now past most of the graphic descriptions in this book, since it’s just Pi and Richard Parker on the boat.

I will also take a break for a little while to watch Thursday night’s episode of Glee. I quit Glee quite a while ago, but will be back for this one episode. Now that my roommate is leaving, I can watch it and have my big ugly cry for the night.

I’ll be back around hour 19 or 20 or so, depending on how long it takes me to be able to see (and read) again post-Glee.

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