Okay all. My stats from last check-in are the ones that are going to have to stand for the night. I’m still pretty wide awake, and I’m actually going to still be reading a little and doing some late-night cookie baking, but I am done readathon-ing. I spent the last hour or so watching Thursday night’s Glee, and I am emotionally spent (and more than a little headache-y from crying. I have a lot of feelings about people who die young, whether they be fictional or real, through causes of their own doing or those outside their control).

In any event, I can’t get back in that boat with Pi and Richard Parker tonight. I’ll finish the book tomorrow afternoon probably, but for tonight, I am doing some coping baking. And maybe doing some Netflixing. But I won’t be keeping track of my reading any more. Good luck to those of you continuing on.