After two and a quarter books read, this is going to be the end of the Readathon for me. I had such a blast this year, and I’m so grateful to the awesome #TeamHughes cheerleaders for stopping by to visit me throughout the day. You all seriously rock, and I think next time I will be joining your ranks as a cheerleader. Thanks again to Andi and Heather and their team for making this such a great event. Over 800 readers is amazing! I made new Twitter friends this weekend, and was lucky enough to win a door prize earlier today. And while The House at Riverton is still unread (October for sure, if I don’t read it before then), I’ve made a solid dent in Admission.

(And I might also be thinking about popping in here a little more often than twice a year. I don’t know yet. We’ll see.)

Anyway, here are my final stats for this year’s readathon:

Currently reading: Admission
Books completed: Love Letters to the Dead, Parnassus on Wheels
Total pages read: 445
Total minutes read: 380 or so- I lost count
Pages per minute: 1.17

Good luck to those of you continuing on to the end of the event!