It seems so weird to me that my first in-‘thon update is Hour Five; I’ve usually posted a few updates by now. But it was a little bit of a slow start for me, in terms of reading. But I have had a busy several hours. I have: done some reading, done some cheerleading, and have whisked my kitty, Stella, away to spend several hours with her favorite tormenters vet techs. I also burnt my bagel, to the point where it needed to be smothered with more cream cheese than is good for anyone in order to be palatable (but not so burnt it resembled charcoal; I do have some standards).

But now I am home, I am fed (with the taste of burnt bagel in my mouth), and it’s just me and Miggy for a few hours while Stella and my roommate are gone. I’m planning to finish The Fifth Child this hour, and maybe do a bit more reading, then maybe in hour six or so I will go back and do some more cheering.

My stats for now:

Currently reading: The Fifth Child by Doris Lessing
Books completed: None
Pages read last four hours: 96
Total pages read: 96
Minutes read last four hours: 75
Total minutes read: 75
Pages per minute: 1.28