So, the last few hours were crazy busy, and a little stressful on a personal level. I finished The Fifth Child (very interesting and thought-provoking, but as was pointed out to me on Twitter, really not the best book to read while pregnant), and I’ve started some of the essays in Bad Feminist. Bad Feminist is being read with pen in hand, because Roxane Gay is amazing and brilliant, and as I’m reading I find myself saying “Yes! This!” I had lunch, did some cheering, and had phone calls with both the vet and my mother, for the same reason- my little seven pound ball of fluff is now a diabetic kitty. I’m leaving momentarily to go get her and get the instructions on giving her insulin twice a day. She hates shots, so this will be fun. I also managed to squeeze in a little nap. I may have a more substantial one when I get home, but maybe going outside for a little while will wake me up.

Here are my current stats:

Currently reading: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay
Books completed: The Fifth Child by Doris Lessing
Pages read last four hours: 73
Total pages read: 169
Minutes read last four hours: 60
Total minutes read: 134
Pages per minute: 1.26