Hello again! It’s been a few hours, but I’ve been a busy reader (and eater). I finished my third book, Man of Honour by Jane Ashford, and had dinner. I’m taking a break now to watch tonight’s episode of Outlander, and the opening shots of the episodes are definitely part of the reason I watch this show- for the stunning images of the Scottish countryside.

After the episode is over, I’ll probably spend some time on Instagram, catching up on my much neglected cheerleading duties.

Here are my stats for now:

Currently reading: Nothing- taking a break
Books completed: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn; Ms. Marvel: No Normal by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphonse; Man of Honour by Jane Ashford
Pages read last four hours: 322
Total pages read: 689
Minutes read last four hours: 157
Total minutes read: 406
Pages per minute: 1.69