Well, Stella and I are home from the vet, and I’m extremely happy, because we got the good news I was looking for. She still has a couple of skin tumor lesions, but the main one on her foot is so much smaller that the vet has given her six months before she has to come back in. After going every other week (or once a month) for essentially the last year, it’s great to have some positive progress (and a chance to stop racking up vet bills every month).

In actual Readathon news, I have finished my first book. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn was great- that woman knows her way around a psychological thriller. Though some of the ending was not a surprise to me, I didn’t see all of it coming. However, since it was pretty psychologically twisty, I’m probably going to take a break, and possibly a nap for a little while to clear out my brain space. And then when I come back, I’ll probably start on Ms. Marvel: No Normal.

Currently reading: Nothing. It’s naptime
Books completed: Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
Pages read last seven hours: 150
Total pages read: 252
Minutes read last seven hours: 110
Total minutes read: 205
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